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How to Enhance ICV Score in Dubai,UAE

In-country value certification (ICV) was implemented in the UAE in 2018, the program assists companies to engage in a fair competition of obtaining tenders according to the value they add to the UAE economy. ICV certification operates independently in line with statutory In-Country Value (ICV) guidelines and standards. 

The Three main parameters that are used for ICV scoring are:

  • Procurement by local supplier
  • Hiring and training of the UAE Nationals.
  • Localization of operations within the oil and gas industry.

How is ICV Calculated?

Manufacturing and Third-party costs

For Manufacturers within UAE

(Manufacturing costs incurred within the UAE + Emirati cost+60% of expat Cost)


Total Cost

For Suppliers within UAE

Value of Purchase x ICV of the supplier + Emirati Costs+60% of Expat cost


Total Cost


For Investments within UAE

25% of the total assets the company owns. The ICV Value increases with the increase in the net book value asset.


Net book value of assets within the UAE


Net book value 



The basic is 2% and top up to the cost or up to AED 200,000 or up to 13%, which is more than AED 200,000 up to 20 million spent on the salary. Training and development of the Local U.A.E hires and donations to government universities and Sondooq Al Watan.

Expat Hire Contribution

The percentage of hired expat employees depends on the size of the company. This can range between 3% to 6% of the employee strength for Manufacturers and 7-10% for Service sector employers.


A bonus is awarded for a minimum of 5% of revenue generated outside the country, the number of local Emiratis hired and the investment growth.


Total Revenue from outside the UAE                         Number of Emiratis Hired Growth in Net Book Value.

___________________________________+    ____________________ +  _________________

Total Annual Revenue (Excluding re-exports)                     100                           Original Net Book Value


How to obtain an ADNOC ICV Certification in the UAE?

ADNOC highly benefits companies actively develops the UAE economy, and contributes to the three parameters mentioned above. It is essential to fulfill the aforementioned prerequisites before completing ADNOC ICV Certification. Expert ICV consultants can conduct ICV evaluations, and the ICV Certifying bodies examine the following points.

  • Local manufacturing
  • Local procurement of third-party goods and services
  • Hiring and development of UAE nationals
  • Investing locally
  • Expatriate contribution 
  • Generation of income from outside the UAE

The certifying bodies approved by ADNOC conduct the ICV certification to analyze, audit, and prepare the financial statements according to ADNOC ICV requirements. The supplier must follow the following steps to attain the ADNOC ICV certification.

Get the IFRS-based Audited Financial statements

Companies ought to avail of expert audit services from accredited UAE auditors. If the company establishment is less than a year, the certifying body will use the management accounting financial statements for the certification process. Vendors and suppliers will use all the figures mentioned on the audited financial statements to complete the ICV submission template. The audited financials must not exceed two years from the certification date.

Fill out the ICV Submission Template

The ICV Template is a form provided by ADNOC supplier registration, where the ICV score is calculated. The ICV score calculation is different, based on the relevant parameters on the Excel sheet.

  1. Fill in the general information on the ICV template 
  • Company Name, Contact, and email
  • Select the size of the company
  • Year of the issued audited financial statements
  • The type of business- Manufacturers or Service providers. In the case of both, companies must fill out separate forms for each will
  1. Complete the general questionnaire page.
  2. Fill in the questionnaire for goods manufacturers or service providers per the company’s relevant activity as per the audited financial statements.
  3. The investments page of the form includes information about the fixed assets, such as machinery, and property, for both manufacturers and service provider categories.
  4. The Emiratization page must be updated with the directly hired UAE National Staff, their training and development, and donations to local Sandooq Al Watan or government institutions.
  5. Similarly, information on the hiring and development of expats. The more the number of ex-pats hiring directly affects the growth in ICV score percentage,
  6. Lastly, the Bonuses page in the template implies revenue inflow from outside the UAE, growth in investments, and Emirati HeadCount.

Apply for an ADNOC ICV certification today

Based on the type of business, whether it is a manufacturer or service provider, the form is designed for the respective types to provide further information on the five parameters. These parameters are linked directly to the ICV formula calculation. It is highly advisable to complete the ICV template with trusted and approved Audit Firms in Dubai to ensure efficiency and compliance with ICV regulations and standards. The certifying authorities verify the calculation against the actual financial statements, and it can be summarized as follows:

  • Investment
  • Emiratization
  • Expat Hiring
  • Revenue within and outside the UAE
  • Bonus for Emirati Head Count, Investment Growth, and revenue generated from outside the UAE

ICV Certificate UAE has a long-standing and proven record of assisting multiple companies with conducting expert ADNOC ICV Certification. So, get in touch with us today and we shall be happy to assist you.